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April 15, 2003

Psychic Censors and Bill O'Reilly

A few days back, I wrote about the Orange County Register newspaper dropping Bill O'Reilly's syndicated column. O'Reilly claims that he was dropped for his pro-war views. The OC Register says he was dropped because his columns were becoming ego-driven self-promotion.

Soundbitten points out one line in the OC Weekly article on the subject that I missed altogether, which pretty much invalidates O'Reilly's claim altogether: "the Orange County Register 'dumped him last year - eight months before the war started...'"

Covering all the bases, Soundbitten finds that exactly two of O'Reilly's columns in the pre-banning days of 2002 touched on the issue of the Iraq war. Were either of them the cause of his banning? You can read, you decide.

So if this banning occured in August 2002, why is it a news issue now?

Because O'Reilly's been bitching about it on his TV show lately.

[Aside: I was going to title this article "More On (Moron?) O'Reilly," only to find that I ALREADY HAVE AN ENTRY WITH THAT TITLE. Word for word. Kind of creeped me out.]

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May 29, 2002

Wondrous Liar

Just putting a quick link here to an interview with musician, actor, and eccentric storyteller Tom Waits. Even if you've never heard of the guy, I think you'll find the interview to be good fun. It's full of questionable answers and random thoughts that Tom whips out, seemingly to throw his interviewer off-balance.

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April 21, 2002


Former Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley was found dead this weekend. Won't ramble on about this too much, but AIC was a very good band. Staley had an excellent voice, and at one point was dubbed by me "the scariest man alive" (watch the video for "Would" and tell me he doesn't creep you out)(I have subsequently decided that Nick Cave is actually the scariest man alive. Read his book "And the Ass Saw the Angel" and you'll need a year's worth of rainbow-and-bunny therapy to regain your emotional footing). His crippling heroin addiction hurt the band's later albums, and seem to have caused his death. I'll be featuring some AIC tunes on my radio show tomorrow.

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