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December 2, 2009

Peace Shrapnel

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Last week: President Obama rejects an international treaty banning landmines.
This week: Obama announces massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan.
Next week: Obama will receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ludicrous, of course, particularly the Afghanistan part. The absolute bottom line on Afghanistan is that there are no good options. No matter what the US chooses to do, the Afghan people will continue to live in a society filled with corruption, violence, religious extremism, and poverty. Some Afghans wants us to stay, most want us to leave. They see us as “foreign occupiers”, which of course, we are (I’ve seen some news articles lately which project great shock that the Afghans see us as foreign occupiers. Sort of like perceiving the guy with the gun who demands your wallet as “a mugger”). Messier still, the group that we call “The Taliban” is now a mix of the religious extremists that we fought in 2001, but mixed with militant nationalists who just want the US to leave, and are supported by a large number of Afghans who want the foreigners to leave their damn country. So we’re fighting the Afghan people who want us to leave, so we can declare victory, so we can leave.

Even more tragicomic, to get supplies to the US troops, US-hired contractors are having to pay protection money to Taliban forces to get their cargo to the troops unmolested. So the US is paying their enemies to supply themselves to fight the US, and the Taliban are allowing their enemies to maintain their presence for a fee.

The only vaguely reasonable rationale I’ve seen from the US government is that we have to defeat the Taliban, because if the Taliban return to power, then Al Qaeda might return to Afghanistan, and might use the country to scheme and train their recruits. That’s about fifteen “if’s” balanced on top of each other. If the US leaves, will the Taliban return to power? Or will there be a continuation of the civil war between the Taliban and the warlords/Northern Alliance? How will the corrupt Karzai regime and the heroine traffickers fit into this?

Second, if the Taliban seized a significant portion of Afghanistan, why the fuck would they allow Al Qaeda back into the country? They’re not idiots, they remember that Al Qaeda’s presence invited a full-fledged American invasion. They’re not looking for more clusterbomb parties.

Third, why would Al Qaeda need to go to Afghanistan to plan and train? Right now, I understand that most of Al Qaeda (which by this point seems to be a few dozen to a few hundred guys) are set up in Pakistan (where we are in a sort of stealth war, via drone airstrikes), Yemen, and maybe Somalia. Why would they need Afghanistan? And to be honest, how much space do they need? Do they need a few thousand acres of desert, or can they make plans from a single apartment, and train in a large backyard?

The longer this war goes on, the more Americans die, the more Afghans die, and the more American money gets pissed away (often pocketed by murderous scum of whatever faction). They’re saying that it costs $1 million to keep an American soldier in Afghanistan for a year. With Obama’s new plan, we’ll have 100,000 soldiers, plus over 100,000 contractors (no idea how much they cost). This, as the American economy tanks, real unemployment hovers around 20%, a million foreclosures are on the horizon, and tens of thousands of Americans die because they can’t afford even shady, shoddy health insurance. Perhaps we can find a better use for that money than beating down random Afghans.

Posted by Jake on December 2, 2009 1:55 pm

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