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May 27, 2009

Barack Obama: Pragmatic War Criminal

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Wrote an article about American torture on the Axis of Justice website here. Nothing groundbreaking, but I think it puts it all into a simple framework and slices up the torture apologists pretty well (figuratively speaking). If I thought my audience on that site had the interest/attention span, I would have made it much longer, more in-depth, and would’ve spent more time on Obama’s mounting complicity in the torture regime (or at least letting the criminals get off scott-free), and on the BushPlus Super Unconstitutional Powers he is giving himself. Clearly, President HopeChange’s real ideology is pragmatism. I’ve heard a few skeptical lefties say that maybe Obama is playing the long game, that he’s biding his time and advancing his schemes when prudent. And maaaybe that’s possible… But my guess is that if you want to see Obama unleash a wide array of progressive action, you’re going to need to get yourself and a few million of your closest friends to organize, put the pressure on, and make him do it.

Posted by Jake on May 27, 2009 10:40 pm

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