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January 20, 2009


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Guess it’s time to retire one of my alternative LMB logos.

(yeah, I pretty much stole it from Shepard Fairey, but how could I resist?)

What can I say about Bush that I haven’t said here in fury, disgust or tears many, many times over the past eight years? Iraq, Afghanistan, and Katrina are just the most memorable of his murderous, global fuck-ups. The idiot who thinks he’s the wise man, the puppet who thinks he’s running the show, the horror-movie slasher who thinks he’s the valiant hero. And it’s unlikely that he, or any of his cronies/enablers will ever face a moment’s justice or lose a lick of sleep over what they’ve done.

So I am thankful as a motherfucker that the Bush administration is out of office starting tomorrow. Some of them will return to positions of power, and we’ll need to watch our asses for that. But many of them will leave for pointless lives of comfort as college professors, corporate board members, consultants, and professional speakers.

But I fear that too many people, across the nation and world, have projected their deepest hopes onto Obama. People see in him what they want to see, think that he believes in all the same things they do, and think that his agenda for the nation mirrors their own. And while I’d love to believe that Barack Obama will do all sorts of wonderful, positive things, I can’t help but remember the similar excitement, hope and belief in “change” that came with the inauguration of Bill Clinton. The Bill Clinton who bombed Iraq, Somalia, and Kosovo, cut welfare, instituted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, signed the Defense of Marriage Act, maintained the harsh sanctions against Iraq that may have killed half a million Iraqi children, and championed NAFTA and the WTO. I can’t help but notice that Barack Obama has stocked his cabinet with many of the same faces we saw during the Clinton administration, and I can’t help but be fairly cynical.

Suffice it to say (for now) that I suspect that Obama will maintain many of the long-term “America first” and “corporations first” policies that make the world hate our citizens and grind our citizens into defeated, obese poverty, and that if we want to see anything positive come out of the Obama administration, whether he’s a saint or a charlatan, we will have to force him to do so via massive popular pressure.

More soon.

Posted by Jake on January 20, 2009 12:09 am

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