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May 28, 2008

The Right Kind of Neighborhood Watch

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Most excellent story I’ve read in a while:

Bolton dodges attempted ‘war crimes’ arrest

Author/columnist/activist George Monbiot shows up at an event where neocon John Bolton is giving a speech, and tries to make a citizens’ arrest, claiming that Bolton has committed war crimes and violated the Geneva Convention. Bolton managed to escape when security blocked Monbiot’s way.

“I’m disappointed I couldn’t reach him, but I made what I believe to be the first attempt ever to arrest one of the perpetrators of the Iraq war, and I would like to see that followed up.”

Right fucking on. Who’s next to try to Arrest John Bolton?

Posted by Jake on May 28, 2008 10:25 pm

Sometimes Liars Are Untruthful

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So you probably heard by now, former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan has released a new book, in which he accuses the White House of doing naughty things during his tenure: lies, propaganda, and that most heinous of crimes, tricking Scott McClellan.

As one would expect, American liberals are seizing these revelations (that we were all largely aware of) as the smoking mushroom cloud that exposes the Bush crimes for all the world to see.

Except that McClellan is a liar.

Seriously, the guy’s job in the Bush White House was to tell one bald-faced, easily disprovable lie after another to the media and the American people. He wasn’t that good at it, but he did it, lied for a living for three years.

But now that the liar is saying things that Liberals like, his word is to be trusted?

No folks, it doesn’t work like that. The man is a fucking liar. A fucking liar who is trying to sell copies of his new book, as well as try to clear his name in the history books. Like many before (and surely after) him, McClellan is telling the story of how all of the terrible things done by the Bush regime are Not Their Fault. The earlier you start telling your version of the story, the more likely your future encyclopedia entry won’t have phrases like “impeached” or “tried for treason” in it.

Of course, I must also note that McClellan seems to also use his book to try to clear Bush’s name, and explain how Bush was misled by his evil incompetent advisors. (Is there a stronger word than “incompetent”? Can we make “anticompetent” a word?)

The White House has gone into damage control mode thanks to McClellan’s book. Their strategy seems to be to paint McClellan as disgruntled, and possibly crazy (”We are puzzled. It is sad. This is not the Scott we knew,” says new paid White House Spokesliar Dana Perino). Also, they are calling him a traitor.

But, the good news is that horrible, amoral sacks of crap are using the media to beat on each other. Everyone wins.

Posted by Jake on May 28, 2008 10:20 pm

May 7, 2008

Very Small Eyepatches

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I’ll be doing a live radio show with the Neighborhood Public Radio project this Saturday at 2:30pm PST, live from the Rubber Rose. It’ll be broadcast over the air in San Diego on 103.9FM and also over the air in NYC on [find out what frequency they’re using in New York and type it here]. I plan to rant about the media, the presidential campaign, and talk about a new project I’m pondering, dealing with the looming energy/food/economic crises that are about to kick us all in the ovaries. The show should feature the return of my beloved BACKGROUND MUSIC.

SD frequency posted, no idea where to catch us in NYC. Also, duh, you can listen to the live stream online.

Come on by, the hijinx run from 1-3pm, I believe. And if I’m wrong, you’re at the Rubber Rose, an art gallery and sex shop. I imagine you’ll find a way to spend the time…

Posted by Jake on May 7, 2008 10:02 pm

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