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August 5, 2007

Rights on Vacation

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Maybe you heard about the government giving itself broad new spying powers over the weekend. In a way, it doesn’t matter, because the government was doing this for at least the past several years, before this new law was ever written. Illegally, yes. This spying actually violates criminal law, and to my understanding, for each violation of it, a person could be sentenced to 10 years in jail. No wonder Attorney General Gonzales is willing to lie and look like an idiot in front of Congress and the world; better that than a prison cell.

Anyone who says that this law was needed to “modernize” the spying laws is a fool or a liar. The reason this law was “needed” was to keep Bush and his cronies out of jail. That is the sole reason. As I’ve said many, many times now, under current laws, American intelligence agencies are allowed to tap phones and eavesdrop and whatnot, as long as they can get a warrant to do so, up to three days after they’ve already eavesdropped on you. And the warrants are issued by a special court that almost never says no to a warrant request. This new law lifts even that miniscule bit of oversight; now the attorney general or the director of national intelligence can approve the spying.

The only, tiny bright side here is that the law expires in six months. In other words, BushCo can continue doing illegal stuff legally for the next six months. At which point the Democrats will cave again and make it permanent, draft a “compromise” bill that gives Bush most of what he wants, or push for the Constitutional crisis that has been upon us for most of the current regime.

Posted by Jake on August 5, 2007 8:55 pm


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    I can’t help but take notice at the hypocracy running rampant through the collective membership of the American public at the moment. The passing of this new (albeit, apparently temporary) law blatently and forcefully infringes on our “inalienable rights” as American citizens, and yet people seem to be willing to sit back and take the reaming, led like sheep to the slaughter. I know the idea of impeachment has been beaten to death, though I find myself unable to think of anything else after hearing news like this coming out of Washington.

    It simply boggles the mind that adulterous sex within the White House is immediately reprimanded through the process of impeachment, and yet circumventing the constitution is shrugged off as “necessary” to win the president’s “War on (insert your cliche: Terrorism, drugs, et al.)” I find myself constantly wondering if we can pull ourselves out of this hole we continue to dig, and mourn the fact that the answer is “probably not.”

    Comment by Quzor — August 6, 2007 @ 9:53 am

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    You have to ask whether these assholes are completely ignorant of the constitution, or they are just deliberately violating it. The democrats and republicans are two sides of the same corporate controlled coin. The only chance of holding the lawless bush regime accountable must come from outside the us government. Congress has once again shamefully abdicated its duty to uphold the constitution.

    Comment by Che — August 6, 2007 @ 10:26 am

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