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July 20, 2007


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ABC News has recently rebroadcast video footage taken by a reporter with the Guardian who is embedded with the US Army’s 2nd Infantry Division in Baghdad. Why aren’t we seeing more of this sort of thing on American TV? Probably because it’s too dangerous; one article about this news broadcast says that ABC News won’t allow its reporters to do this sort of thing any more.

Watching that clip from ABC is worthwhile, but you can see the reporter’s full footage on the Guardian’s website here.

The ABC anchor introduces the clip as “what American soldiers are going through on the front lines”, and it is, sort of. It has a soldier describe the exhausting tension involved in patrols, another soldier saying that the government doesn’t know what it’s really like in Iraq, there is footage of several soldiers burning up in an overturned military vehicle, and we see footage of the soldiers at work. But most of the report is about what the soldiers themselves are doing, and some of it’s pretty fucked up. On the plus side, the administer first aid to victims of an explosion in a residential neighborhood. On the bad side, they break into two innocent households, terrify an old woman (twice), and shoot an innocent taxi driver to death. Funny how the anchor sees it as “what Americans are going through” not “what Americans are doing to others”.

Granted, the soldiers are in a fucked up situation. Months and months of tension and fear, stuck in a land where you don’t know the language, culture or politics, filled with plenty of people who are making attempts to kill you, working off of orders that don’t seem designed to defeat the enemy, win hearts and minds, or even keep you alive.

As I keep reiterating, and as you all probably know, the majority of the American people want the troops out of Iraq, the Iraqi people want the troops out of Iraq, the soldiers want out of Iraq, and now even members of the Iraqi government are saying that they want the troops out of Iraq. The only people who seem to want this war to go on are Bush, the neocons, and the militant Islamic organizations that can use the war as propaganda and training.

Are there any feasible means of transportation out of Iraq besides military planes and convoys? Would it make sense to start a “Buy deserting soldiers airfare home (or to Canada)” campaign?

Posted by Jake on July 20, 2007 12:24 am

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