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June 21, 2007

Sound Waves and Legal Ink

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As I’ve mentioned here before, new US government policy was crafted several months back that would essentially bankrupt all internet radio stations with excessive royalty payments to record labels. Honestly, I think things are looking up on that front, with public pressure, webcaster action, and a handful of politicians who seem to be on the right side of the issue. But the webcasters have called for a Day of Silence on June 26, where internet radio stations will simply stream silence; there is also a call for folks to contact their Congressmen and local media on that day as well, to support the Internet Radio Equality Act, which would drag the royalty rates down to something reasonable.

Not that I think anyone owes these record companies a dime, but it would be nice alter the law to prevent internet radio outlets from being bled to death.

In other positive radio news, several Congressmen have announced the creation of the Local Community Radio Act of 2007. As I understand it, the bill would stop the FCC from using the “we can’t issue licenses for low-power radio stations because their frequencies might interfere with big commericial stations” excuse (they don’t). And this change, say microradio activists, could lead to the creation of thousands of new community radio stations nationwide. Sounds good to me. Learn more here, and sign a petition in support of the Act here.


One more radio story, not a positive one. Just got this communique from Regenerac√≠on Radio in Mexico City. They are a political station based that has done a lot of work with the Zapatista’s “Other Campaign”, an effort to link up the anti-capitalist, anti-globalization movements within Mexico. The station is based out of a high school, and the principal of that high school is threatening to have the station demolished and its members arrested. Regenerac√≠on Radio pledges to resist the efforts to shut them down. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know if there’s anything we can do to help.

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