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May 18, 2007


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Hey, look! News articles relating to ingestible substances!

UC Hunger Strike Against Weapons Labs Passes 1-Week Mark- 44 students from University of California campuses have spent over a week on a hunger strike against their universities’ involvement with nuclear weapons research.

Study documents new interactive junk food marketing techniques aimed at kids- we all know that corporations that manufacture foods low in nutrition and high in fat and sugar spend jillions of dollars to encourage kids to eat them. This new and totally unsurprising report finds that these same corporations are advertising to kids more directly, and more hidden from parents, utilitzing the internet and cellphones.

Starving the Poor- I recently wrote about the international damage caused by US farm policies, and these next few articles tie concrete current events into the mix. The price of tortillas in Mexico has abruptly risen by 50%. Tortillas are a staple of the Mexican diet, so this is a huge deal. I’m not sure to what part of the American diet to compare it to show the significance. Bread? Soda? Ketchup? Anyhow, according to smart guy Noam Chomsky, this price jump is due to the new demand for corn-based ethanol, which means that there is less corn available for corn-based tortillas. The article also points out that it’s not just a demand for corn-based ethanol, but for US-produced ethanol; Chomsky points out that Brazil makes cheap, efficient sugar-based ethanol, but that US tariffs on Brazilian ethanol will remain high in the near future. Guatemala to Face Corn Shortage- corn will also be scarce in Guatemala because of the US-ethanol scam.

In other words, America’s desire to become environmentally-sustainable without making any sacrifice to its automobile habits, the rise in oil prices due circumstances surrounding the Iraq war, and the greed of corporate agriculture are inadvertently starving/bankrupting the poor in Latin America.

Lawmakers Find $21 a Week Doesn’t Buy a Lot of Groceries- a handful of US Congressmen are attempting to live on food stamps for one week, which works out to about 21 $1 meals. They’re not doing so good. Sure, it’s a publicity stunt, but it’s a stunt that could potentially add 12% to the yearly food stamp budget. If you want to read about their experiences, you can read their blogs here and here. Of course, there are 26 million other Americans trying to get by on food stamps who won’t get to celebrate the end of the week with a return to their usual diet of Starbucks and steak.

Posted by Jake on May 18, 2007 2:40 pm

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    god it blows how bad the poor are screwed in the land of the free. i count myself as one of them and let me tell you, in a state like michigan the poor are truly about to get it EVEN worse. since we cant dig ourselves out of a $700 MILLION “budget shortcomming” (god i love euphamismsin govt) , they will be forced to cut medicare and educational funding real bad. this will of course lead to people literaly more people dying and getting st00pider as a state. fucking shity to the 100th degree.

    As usualy the plan from our state leg. seems to be keep the poor people, poor (if not poorer) and the rich, filthy-filthy-filthy-disgustingly-immoraly-richer. that way the poor people problem will take care of itself and they will all just get stupider and die off. way to go MI legislature!!!

    i swear this state is going down in flames… guys in the rest of the country will soon hear of michigan as a dying if not dead state economy. the only state that has more people leaving on a yearly basis is fucking louisiana !!! (as of 06′)

    shows ya how great were doin’! way to go motor city!!! :(

    Comment by Matt H — May 18, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

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