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April 22, 2007


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I haven’t had much to say about Iraq for a while because things seem to have stayed pretty much the same for months. There’s a civil war that neither the US military nor Iraqi government have the power to stop. The Surge that never had a prayer of working, isn’t working. The only hope for peaceful resolution would be for the Sunni, Shia and Kurds to negotiate for some sort of stability and equity, but I don’t see anyone working on that angle. The only “progress” I’ve seen recently is that an Iraqi insurgent was able to detonate a bomb inside the well-protected Green Zone– which implies that the US might be losing control of the one place where they thought they were safe.

This summary isn’t the result of in-depth research or insider info. It’s pretty fucking obvious how bad things are in Iraq.

Which begs the question: why the hell are we still there?

As I keep pointing out, opinion polls show that Americans want the US out of Iraq, the Iraqis want the US out of Iraq, the US soldiers want the US out of Iraq. And still we linger. Why?

I’d thought of all sorts of potential reasons, mainly focusing on the stubbornnes, idiocy, and domestic political agenda of the White House. And then I realized I was thinking to hard.

Why are we still in Iraq?


Apparently, the Iraqi parliament has spent the last month or so drafting a law that will allow the Iraqi government to sign contracts with domestic and foreign oil companies to extract the nation’s petroleum. According to the link above, this law is “thought to have been written with heavy U.S. involvement,” and passage of such a law “is one of four benchmarks the Bush administration has set for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s struggling government.”

Maybe once this law passes (estimated to take a month or two), and the ink is finally dry on contracts between Iraq and ExxonMobil, then maybe Bush will start talking about troop withdrawal. What’s a few thousand more Iraqi dead if it lets an oil CEO buy another private island?

Posted by Jake on April 22, 2007 10:13 pm


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    Great post…

    Iraq is a hopeless mindfuck of a disaster, and its mostly our fault (USA). Its just 110% fucking madness day-to-day over there! so sad….

    This US occupation/sunni-shia thing is gonna boil over to surrounding countries, before or after Iran nukes/bombs/ethnicly clenses israel. Then the shit hits the proverbial fan and were all in for a real treat. . . CNN stands to make a fortune!

    It’s to late to do anything but get the fuck out A.S.A.P and switch to DEFENSIVE military action insted of OFFENSIVE, because we obviously provoked “just a smidgen” of hatred from most of the arab world. might as well just retreat and prepair for what comming.

    WWIII is comming, and the draft is right behind it - along with no more OIL!!!

    Could happen next week, next year, this friday… who knows, it all depends how big the next terrorist attack on american/british soil is. The militairy cant keep up this pace with only volunteer numbers. Any further troop increse is just not possible unless a draft is instituted. (Which would be hysterical to see enforced, who’s ready for riots?!?)

    If we stay its a disaster, if we leave its a disaster. loose-loose situation.
    I am a seriously considering moving to iceland and building a fallout shelter.

    We (the civilized world) all so fucked. Get ready for standars of living in America to plummet!

    Comment by Matt H — April 23, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

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    This will get even crazy-er if “Mother Russia” decides to install a multimillion euro oil/gas pipeline from siberia to alaska. They (USA/RUSS) are still deciding if it is fiscaly reasonable, but if it gets installed think of how much pull they would have on us. In 10 years? 20 years? good god!

    Russia has much more petrol then us and most of the worlds natural gas stockpiles…scary times we live in. they would, in effect, own us and we would be at thier mercy, much like they did to the Ukrain’s natural gas.

    check this WIKI out:

    very scary indeed.

    Comment by MATT H — April 25, 2007 @ 8:40 am

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    this piece about iraq is great, i love the onion:

    Comment by Matt H — April 26, 2007 @ 10:22 am

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