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February 23, 2007

Parody Overkill

I think we’ve reached new lows in obsessive celebrity coverage.

Not content to merely give wall-to-wall coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death, or the legal battle over who gets control of her dead body, Newsweek is actually investigating how quickly her corpse is rotting.

Now, there is a slight, slight relevence here. During the “who gets the body” trial, the judge apparently got a call from the medical examiner, warning that Smith’s body was decomposing faster than expected, I guess hoping that this news would hurry the case along. So if your news agency is insisting on covering this ridiculousness, that’s worth a mention. But Newsweek goes the extra hundred miles by reporting about the phone call, and then interviewing a medical professor to ask “What condition is the body likely to be in at this point?”

Stayed Tuned for hourly updates of Anna Nicole: Corpse Putrefaction Watch 2007!

In other news, everything else in the fucking world happened today. Thank you, and good night.

Posted by Jake on February 23, 2007 8:00 am


  1. The eyeballs may be a little gooey by now. But you could always put sunglasses on her. Skin puckering and graying, well that’s a tough one. Airbrushing works. Ask those people that enbalmed Lenin, now that was some primo work.

    Comment by Dude — February 23, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

  2. This is necrophilia, plain and simple.

    Comment by Eric — February 23, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

  3. All of you are just prejudicial against dead people.

    Comment by Volodya — March 4, 2007 @ 10:00 pm

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