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December 31, 2006

Non-New Year’s News Assortment

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Tel Aviv’s center blocked by the wall-

Israeli anarchists make a point by setting up a mock “security fence” (like the one built to divide Palestine from Israel), blockading a hip shopping district in Tel Aviv. The barricade allegedly uses razor wire and signs taken from the real security fence, and flyers were passed out discussing Israel’s checkpoints in Palestine and the ways in which the real fence steals Palestinian land.

What the Number 3000 Hides- the news media tells us that the number of US deaths in Iraq has just crossed 3000 (only days after telling us that more Americans had died in Iraq than had died in the 9/11 attacks). Juan Cole points out that this 3000 number is deceptive because it neglects to mention other Coalition troops (from other countries), the number of wounded, and the number who’ve developed psychological disorders (I’d also include the number of military contractors who are intentionally kept out of these casualty stats. Last I’d heard, that number was at least 500). He also is upset that the numbers don’t mention the number of American and NATO troops killed in Afghanistan. Of course, on top of that, estimates of more than 650,000 dead Iraqis, no idea how many dead Afghans, and no clue how many wounded Iraqis or Afghans.

DHS To Seize Eyeballs At U.S. Airports- cheekily-titled article which uncovers this gem- the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) is planning to sell advertising space at the passenger security checkpoints at airports. Which means that next time you fly, you may have to spend 10 minutes to 2 hours staring at advertisements so that Homeland Security can make a buck.

It’s Not a Race Thing… It’s Style- a silly idea for an article, but it has some interesting segments. The author wants to make a case that in some ways, race and racism have been eliminated and replaced with racialized styles and subcultures, by looking at Asians who “act white” or whites who “act black”, etc. The article doesn’t do much to support that argument. What it does do well is present snapshots of the complexities of race, style, culture, and self-presentation among teens in San Diego, particularly teens of mixed ethnicity.

Oaxaca Delegation 2006- a group of San Diego activists went down to Mexico recently, to visit and give aid to people in Oaxaca, and to attend the Encuentro Intergal├íctico (”Intergalactic Meeting”, sort of a conference about Mexican activists’ efforts to promote independence and democracy, and international efforts to prevent corporate globalization). They are giving regular updates about their experiences, and I should try to have one of em on my show once they get back.

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    I’m indignant over how the meeting in Oaxaca excluded individuals and groups from other galaxies.

    Comment by michele — January 7, 2007 @ 1:15 am

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