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December 15, 2006

Deconstruction in Toyland

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A friend of mine is starting a “DIY toy company” called PG Toys. At present, they only have one product, which is a toy aimed at breaking gender stereotypes, and breaking down the concept that gender is binary (it’s analog, of course). But PG Toys is looking for feedback about this product/project, so they asked that I put this up so that people can contact them with their thoughts. So if you’ve got the time, check it out and send them your input. Grazi.

Posted by Jake on December 15, 2006 5:21 pm


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    c’mon! this is fucking silly. gender IS binary and this only serves to fuck with little kids minds so thier parents can feel good about thier OWN sexual preference. sad sad sad. nothing wrong with being gay or bi or whatever silly ass view of yourself you have, but dont force a CHILD to make a “gender” decision at such a young age! No one, gay or straight should have to do that.

    In the end we live in a “real world” society that DOES have a gender bias and a social gender structure. its not gonna change drasticly anytime soon and this idea is terrible. let jhonny play with trucks and sally with her dolls. when they grow up they can make a decision as to how to fem. or mas. to act.

    dont ruin chilhood with this socio-sexual bullshit, makes people crazy. plus this has been tryed before and you wont make a dime.

    Comment by Matt — December 18, 2006 @ 6:18 am

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    Come on, MAN! This is fucking silly.

    Gender IS binary. In fact gender is the same thing as anatomical sex, chromosomal sex, and sexual orientation. Geez, isn’t that obvious?! It’s impossible to mix and match these binary categories, or make choices between them along a continuum. That’s crazy-talk.

    This sort of propaganda only serves to make little kids question the roles demanded of them by our society (which, by the way, is the one and only society in the all the world and in all of human history). And that questioning threatens my need to have everyone, including my kids, commit to their inherited obligations, such as bearing grandkids and supporting me in my old age. This propaganda is also a way for insane parents to “feel good” about violating their own inherited obligations. Sick and sad, and not in my best interest.

    There’s nothing wrong with not taking yourself seriously, but don’t expect me to do so if you won’t. And don’t you dare force a CHILD to learn how to be an individual at such a young age! No one, straight/masculine/male/XY OR straight/feminine/female/XX should have to do that.

    In the end, we live in a society governed by realpolitik that DOES have a clear delineation of proper gender roles and a social gender structure. It’s not going to change and it never has, so this idea is terrible. Let Johnny play with trucks and Sally with her dolls. Johnny should not be given “action figures” because they are like dolls, and Sally should not be given blocks because women do not belong in the construction industry. And Heaven forfend that either of them plsy with gender-neutral toys like Lego or learn how to draw! When they grow up they can make the decision to continue following the roles and behaviors that their elders have set for them all their short, little lives.

    Don’t ruin my notion of childhood with this socio-sexual nonsense. It makes crazy people, who will end up in homeless shelters draining my hard-earned tax money. Furthermore, this has been tried before and this company won’t make a dime because who would buy this crap?

    So there. >:P

    Comment by Trefayne — December 19, 2006 @ 9:04 am

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