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November 25, 2006

We Don’t Want the “Smoking Gun” to Be a Chipped Tooth

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This is just weird.

Apparently, shortly before the US invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein recorded a video with some of his military advisors where he demonstrates the use of weapons that “can be made at home”, including slingshots, crossbows, blowguns, and molotov cocktails. He and his advisors then talk about the need to get these weapons into the hands of the Iraqi people.

Of course, your first thought has to be “THIS was the guy we expected to have weapons of mass destruction? Captain Crossbow?”

But I don’t think that’s the right interpretation. I think that Saddam was attempting to inspire the Iraqi people to rise up and defend his dictatorship from the US invasion by invoking the bravery and resistance of the Palestinians. We’ve all seen the footage of Palestinian youth trying to fight off Israel tanks and armed soldiers with rocks and slings, so I think Saddam (as out of touch with his people as our own president, apparently) was trying to paint himself as one of The People, the brave underdog guerrillas who will fight back against the invaders. Hoping desperately that his audience would forget that he’s actually a millionaire despot who’s had his boot on their neck for decades.

No one is sure if the video was actually aired on Iraqi TV or not.

No real point to this, I just thought it was weird.

Posted by Jake on November 25, 2006 9:29 pm

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