Lying Media Bastards

November 4, 2006

Lying Military Bastards

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The headline of this ABC news article is “Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist”. Okay, we already knew that. You might see that headline and skip down to the next story. But you would be rewarded for reading at least the first sentence of the story. Well, maybe not rewarded. Astonished and foaming at the mouth, maybe:

“An ABC News undercover investigation showed ARMY RECRUITERS TELLING STUDENTS THE WAR IN IRAQ WAS OVER, in an effort to get them to enlist.” [outraged emphasis and caps lock mine]

Jesus fucking Christ. I read that and my eyes bugged out of my fucking head.

“Don’t you worry, little Johnny, we won’t send you to Iraq. And even if we did, there’s no war there anymore! Don’t you read the news? We won! There’s a Disneyland in Baghdad and everything! Just sign your name on this piece of paper here and everything will be fine. Boot camp? It’s great! It’s a big party, like Spring Break on MTV! You’ll earn $800,000 for college. And we’ll fly your girlfriend out to see you every weekend! And Don Rumsfeld will bake you cookies! Yes, just sign your name here… Ex-cellent. Now let me just get your measurements for your uniform. I mean coffin. No wait… uniform. Hey, where are you going?”

Apparently, about half of the recruiters that the undercover students visited tried to claim that the risk of death in Iraq was no greater than the risk of living your life in the US, and one guy even tries to claim that if you don’t like the army, you can just quit and walk away, no problem.

I don’t know my law too well, but this sounds like lawsuit territory to me. Does anyone know if you’d be able to sue the military if they lied to you to get you to sign on?

Video of the recruiters here.

Posted by Jake on November 4, 2006 10:58 pm

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