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August 9, 2006

Lebanon Solidarity

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Via email:

Heres the deal- Lebanese and internationals here in Beirut are oganizing a caravan to bring humanitarian aid to people in the south who are not getting it, and are literally dying from thirst, hunger, illness. We will leave Beirut August 12th, this saturday, at 7 am (please note time difference). This is very dangerous, sinse israeli has said it will bomb any cars. We are in touch with alot of media, and this is crucial, to have international and media eyes watching. yes, I feel strange about mainstream media aswell but we are trying to draw alot of attention, and maybe not get bombed, ya know? the webpage is

ACTION- we need you all to call as much attention to this caravan as possible, within the next few days. If you have press contacts, indy press or whatever media, all media is cool right now, send them our email and phone in lebanon -(country code -961) 70 150 247 so we can talk about the caravan. If you know anyone organizing demos on saturday (it is international day of action against israel or something, so there wil be demos) try to get contacts so that people can speak live or recorded at the rallies from the caravan. This may sound not too exciting for you all but it has to be done, to at least try to protect
people on the caravan.

The caravan is not working with political parties and not asking Israel for permission to go south (ie, permission so that they wont airstrike us).

Damn. These folks are going to cart humanitarian aid down to the people in the most brutally destroyed areas of Lebanon, knowing full well that Israel might bomb them to pieces without a second thought. They’re asking for media coverage, because the more the world knows about this, the less likely Israel will be to bomb them.

Hop to it, folks. Contact your local media outlets and send them to

Posted by Jake on August 9, 2006 8:57 pm

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