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June 14, 2006

Farm Update 6/14

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The good news is that all of the arrestees appear to be out of jail (including my friend Rosa). And it sounds like Sam, who got taken away in an ambulance, is doing okay. He pulled some crazy non-violent Action Hero shit trying to defend the farm, and we’re all very impressed.

Raid photos
More raid photos

Not much explanation as to why landowner Ralph Horowitz changed his mind about selling the land. Well, nothing that sounded like a real explanation, anyway:

For his part, Horowitz said he had no intention of rewarding a group that included people he said had made anti-Semitic remarks about him even as they squatted rent-free on land that was costing him more than $25,000 a month to maintain — in addition to massive legal bills fighting their efforts to remain.

“If the farmers got a donation and said, ‘We got $50 million, would you sell it to us?’ I would say no. Not a … chance,” Horowitz said. “It’s not about the money.”

Right, he’s soooo insulted that the deal’s off. I’m obviously against anti-semitism, but I don’t buy this excuse at all. Frankly, I feel that he never intended to sell the land and just set a number that he thought the farmers couldn’t reach. His response reeks of the indignant fury at “inferiors” don’t know their place. “Those ungrateful Mexicans, trying to keep the land that I sneakily bought out from under them! How dare they! Don’t they know who I am?”

I’ve also heard some conspiracy theories about Horowitz’s decision, involving shady deals with City Councilwoman Jan Perry, but I can barely comprehend them, let alone determine if they’re true.

The mayor held a press conference– at which the farmers and their supporters were not allowed in. I have yet to hear what he actually said. Nothing that made a difference, apparently.

The latest news:

- the farmers will be holding candlelight vigils outside the farm, every night at 7pm, the corner of 41st and Long Beach
- Horowitz apparently does not have a demolition permit to destroy the farm, so the farmers plan to challenge this in court, to preserve what’s there (at least temporarily)
- big protests are planned for outside City Hall on Friday morning, 9am.

But things look pretty grim. I don’t see a path to victory, unless the city seizes the land back under eminent domain, and the city officials don’t have the political will to do that right now.

Posted by Jake on June 14, 2006 11:09 pm

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