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May 31, 2006

Lack of Donuts

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I don’t mean to turn this into the “All Things ‘Bad Cop No Donut‘ Blog”, but we’ve got some related developments.

These events occured the very morning that I interviewed Ron. His words:

You will not believe this.

On Thursday morning a Toronto police SWAT team raided CKLN during my show, Bad Cop, No Donut! The station was on auto-pilot at the time because I was not well and was offered a ride to my front door by a friend and left about an hour before they arrived. CKLN has still not officially said a word to me about it.

I actually found out about it from what I pieced together from other ckln volunteers who had heard rumours but assumed I knew all about it. Many of them sent confusing emails like “I heard the cops really didn’t like their show this week.” By this morning i managed to get someone
from the station’s management who confirmed that this was true.

Apparently, the police say that someone listening to my show believed that someone at ckln was being attacked and called 9-1-1. If you listen to the show there is a segment where a recording is played of the police torturing a man in tennessee. This is obviously the segment in question. If you heard the show you could have noted a few things which would indicate to any person of average intelligence that there was no attack taking place at CKLN. For example:

1) The swearing was beeped out
2) The people heard on the recording all had thick tennessee accents
3) There was a 20 minute interview prior to the recording with the journalist in Tennessee who covered the torture case for the local paper
4)There was a huge disclaimer by me immediately before the torture recording segment
5) i am not a drug dealer, nor is anyone else at ckln as far as I know, as the victim of the recorded beating definitely is
6) the segment ended with an Alice Cooper song, unlike most live beatings

Assumming that the person who called 9-1-1 failed to notice these things, then we are expected to believe that the police, who we can assume at least turned on their radio to check, also did not notice these things.

Oh yeah, and we would also have to believe that the cops were coming to ckln to save me.

And we would have to believe that a fully armed SWAT team was an appropriate response to the police version of what was happening.

I dont have to tell you how I feel about this.

As of this moment i think the most important thing I can do is get the word out.

I’m obviously disappointed that there has been no real word yet from CKLN but I am hoping I can view our internal security video of the event. I’m sure I’ll know more soon. But honestly, what I know right now is quite troublesome.

I obviously believe that I would have been arrested, if not badly beaten had i actually been there. I consider myself to be extremely lucky. The police version of events is just too impossible to be
believed. Since they have not come after me at home, I assume that they are just trying to show me what a dangerous place ckln is for me in yet another attempt to shut down my show.

I’m not sure what the best course of action is. I have a short term game plan but I am going to consider some legal options eventually.

I sincerely hope that this is all some coincidental, ridiculous, comedy of errors shit, with a confused radio listener and an overreaction from police. But the cops know Ron, don’t like the work he does, and responded seemingly without turning on the radio themselves or calling the radio station to see what was happening. It’s pretty chilling to think that if Ron hadn’t gone home early, that North America’s only Cop Watching radio show would have been raided by the SWAT team on flimsy pretext. And Ron’s probably right that justified or not, he probably would have been arrested (cops don’t like looking stupid) and beaten (when cops look stupid, they get angry).

To hear the show that allegedly caused the 911 call, go here. The segment is an audio recording of corrupt cops in Tennessee torturing a man, trying force him to sign a document to give them permission to search his house (starts at about 36:40 on the mp3, pretty disturbing stuff). And you can hear an interview with Ron about the raid here.

My interview with Ron, before we knew about the raid is here

Posted by Jake on May 31, 2006 9:26 am

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