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January 6, 2006

We’ll Bomb Our Way Out

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This story is just not getting the coverage it needs.

It’s the US exit strategy for Iraq: decrease the number of American soldiers on the ground, and replace them with air support for Iraqi troops and police. This decreases the number of American casualties and makes the Iraqi forces look more effective.

Of course, dropping 500 pound bombs from thousands of feet above the target means that more civilians will be accidentally killed in this new strategy, but when has the White House shown concern for Iraqi lives?

How much bombing are we talking about? Well, for the first 8 months of the year, the US averaged 25 airstrikes in Iraq per month. In November there were 120, and December 150.

True, the US will be using laser-guided bombs, which means that there will be fewer civilian deaths than if they were simply dropping bombs blindly. But it seems undeniable that many more innocent people will be killed than would be by US ground troops. The article above gives one example of a US airstrike against three men allegedly planting explosives in Kirkuk. Two laser-guided bombs later, all three were dead– along with seven other people who were standing nearby. And just today, CNN has reported about another US attack gone awry. The bomb hit the wrong building, destroying a family’s home, killing six and wounding three of them.

And the bombing is clearly ramping up at an incredible rate, as this strike was reportedly one of 58 airstrikes that happened in one day.

Spread the word, folks. This is terrible news that’s just going to get worse.


A reader wrote to me and pointed out that although the bombing campaign has clearly stepped up, that there is no evidence that the US is using fewer ground troops, nor that they are sending any troops home soon. Maybe I’m wrong and this is not an exit strategy (although Seymour Hersh thinks it is), and bombs and troop levels are unrelated. So we get the worst of all possible worlds, more dead Iraqis and just as many dead Americans.


Posted by Jake on January 6, 2006 12:36 am

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