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December 11, 2005

Cracking Up

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In the past year, we’ve seen many divisions and conflicts pop up among the American right-wing: fanatic Christians vs. less-fanatic Christians; fiscal conservatives vs. imperialists; pro-war Republicans vs. pragmatic Republicans. I don’t know that any of these will result in ideological shifts or breaks with the Party, but they’re interesting, and showcase the wingnut fringe involved (Matt Stoller recently wrote an intriguing piece about this as a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, that Democrats try like hell to distance themselves from the extremists in their party, while the Republicans welcome them).

But this latest fight amuses me, the right-wing media watchdog group Accuracy In Media (AIM)*, is attacking the Fox News Channel (based upon allegations from progressive journalist Danny Schecter, no less).

AIM tells us that Schecter tells us that Saudi billionaire, Rupert Murdoch pal, and News Corp shareholder Al-waleed bin Talal has been publicly saying that when Fox News was referring to the recent riots in France as “Muslim riots”, that Talal called up Murdoch to complain. Talal then claims that Fox News changed their coverage based upon his friendship with Murdoch. AIM is therefore calling for a “full inquiry”.

Of course, such things would not be above Murdoch. Despite his political ideology, he rarely lets hypocrisy get in the way of a buck, as is best evidence by censoring his own media products so as not to offend the Chinese government.

Not a big thing, but when America’s right-wing media watchdog accuses America’s most popular right-wing media source of not being right-wing enough, well, smirks are on the house.

[via Crooks and Liars]

*not to be confused with the left-wing Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting, FAIR. It’s a little tragic that the groups have such similar names.

Posted by Jake on December 11, 2005 9:41 am

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