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October 18, 2005

One Nation, Under Fraud

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The Iraqi constitution is going to pass. It just is.

a) many Iraqis think that approving a constitution gets the Americans one step closer to going home.
b) a failure to approve this constitution will be so bad for the Bush administration back home that I will be utterly shocked if they haven’t made plans to rig it.

Seriously, the war is increasingly unpopular, Bush’s approval ratings are spiraling down the drain, top Republicans are getting indicted right and left, and the White House is going to just wait and see how the election turns out?

Here are our possible outcomes:

- US is worried about election results, has Iraqi operatives rig the vote. Constitution passes.
- US is worried about election, has American operatives rig the vote. Constitution passes.
- US is worried, has Iraqi operatives rig the vote, but is confounded when Iraqi rivals also try to rig the vote. Outcome uncertain.
- US rigs election, but gets caught. Constitutional stalemate, beheadings for everyone, possible civil war.
- US research shows that constitution will pass easily, and there is no need for action. Constitution passes. Sunnis are pissed off. Civil war.

Posted by Jake on October 18, 2005 7:46 pm

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