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October 19, 2005

Fund Drive

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For some time now, I’ve been meaning to have an “LMB fund drive” week. Not to raise money for me, I’m doing okay. But to spend a week pointing out other media projects doing good work and suggesting that maybe you should drop them a little cash so they can keep on keeping on.

This week would have been a perfect time to hold this “fund drive”, as my local NPR station is holding their own fund drive this week. It would have been fun to say “don’t donate to KPBS, donate to xx instead!” But I haven’t done my homework, so I can’t do such a thing.

So I’ll give you the miniscule version:

You could donate to RadioActive SanDiego, the internet radio station I work with. Although it’s a webcast, we get rebroadcast over the airwaves in a number of cities, including San Diego. Which means that we’re probably the only local radio source for feminism, labor issues, queer issues, zapatistismo, and Indonesian punk rock. If’n you wanna give us money, click here.

But it’s probably more important to donate to The NewStandard. They’re a quality news site that does investigative journalism daily, generally from a radical point of view. And since they actually pay their reporters, they need help keeping afloat. So you’d actually be helping a radical publication, but helping support independent journalists as well. To donate money to them, click here.

Or, of course, you could donate to victims of the Pakistan earthquake or the Central American floods or the Hurricane Katrina survivors or support a strike fund for hospital workers on the picket lines in SF.

Posted by Jake on October 19, 2005 9:40 am

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