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October 3, 2005


More fun news regarding the Tom DeLay indictment: DeLay claims that it’s all a conspiracy against him, coordinated by Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle and the Democratic leaders in Congress. And it could be true, I dunno, but DeLay makes his case in a totally ridiculous way:

WOLF BLITZER: Well, that’s an explosive charge you make, that there was some sort of collusion or conspiracy between Ronnie Earle and Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders in the Congress. What evidence, if any, do you have to back that up?

DeLAY: It’s very good evidence, that they announced this strategy publicly, they put it on their website and this strategy is in their fund-raising letters…

BLITZER: What evidence is there they consulted with Ronnie Earle, that they talked to him or they had any dealings with him whatsoever?

DeLAY: That evidence is coming…

BLITZER: When is the evidence going to be made available? You say it’s coming. When are you going to make that evidence available?

DeLAY: When it’s timely.

BLITZER: What does that mean?

DeLAY: When it’s timely.

I love that. “I have evidence.” “What is it?” “I won’t tell you.” “Can I see it?” “No. Later.” “When’s later?” “I’m not telling.” Don’t know about you, but I’m convinced.

Of course, this “don’t ask, don’t tell” is the strategy that got us into the Iraq war, so maybe DeLay’s smarter than I think.

Posted by Jake on October 3, 2005 8:56 am

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