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September 30, 2005

Marching Backwards is Progress

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This seems worth remarking upon:

The number of Iraqi army battalions that can fight insurgents without U.S. and coalition help has dropped from three to one..

Gen. George W. Casey Jr., who oversees U.S. forces in Iraq, said there are fewer Iraqi battalions at “Level 1″ readiness than there were a few months ago. Although Casey said the number of troops and overall readiness of Iraqi security forces have steadily increased in recent months, and that there has not been a “step backwards,” both Republican and Democratic senators expressed deep concern that the United States is not making enough progress against a resilient insurgency.

Okay, so… there fewer Iraqi batallions (groups of 1000 soldiers) ready to take over the country’s security today than there were a few months ago… yet that’s not a step backwards. I’m not entirely sure how that works.

This seens to be the only rhetoric keeping the American people placated about the continued occupation of Iraq, “we need to stay until they’re ready to provide their own security.” What happens when the American public starts to believe that Iraq will never get a new army going while we’re there?

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Posted by Jake on September 30, 2005 8:14 am

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