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July 1, 2005

Good News

Yes, news that isn’t depressing! Maybe you think you’ve wandered onto the wrong site by mistake, but you haven’t. I’ve just been hit on the head with a flowerpot, and have the urge to call myself “Jimmy Brightside”.

Canada Legalizes Gay Marriage

Spain Legalizes Gay Marriage

I’m not a particular fan of marriage, but I am a fan of the idea that gays are human beings, so these are good things.

We’ve also got this news:

Bush’s Iraq speech draws career-low TV audience
The bad news there is that all four major US TV networks and the three big cable news channels bothered putting him on the air for his propaganda stunt.

Also, California governor Arnold Schwazenegger is becoming vastly unpopular, with a 37% approval rating (when his predecessor Gray Davis was recalled, his rating was a lowly 24%).

And finally, this additional poll result:

“more than two-in-five voters (42%) say they would favor impeachment proceedings if it is found the President misled the nation about his reasons for going to war with Iraq.”

First of all, the fact that a mainstream polling organization (Zogby) would even ask this question speaks volumes.

Second, the fact that so many people answered the question this way implies that a significant number of Americans believe that they were indeed misled into war.

And third, damn, that’s a lot of people who want to impeach the president.

I think that study could use a little nudge. I recommend that everyone write a quick letter to the editor of their local paper, and maybe to their Congressional representatives, about any topic, as long as you can cite those numbers, that the recent Zogby poll shows that 42% of Americans think that the president should be impeached if he did indeed misled the country about the war.

Posted by Jake on July 1, 2005 12:44 am


  1. If any mainstream pollster is going to ask, it’s Zogby. I listened to an interview of him on the Al Franken Show last year, and he’s on our side - or at least that’s the impression I walked away. I don’t remember a thing he said, just my reaction. I don’t know if I’d trust him. He seemd so confident that Kerry would win.

    Comment by a name — July 1, 2005 @ 7:28 pm

  2. Are you so utterly clueless you don’t understand the problem of a pollster being on “your side”?

    Comment by B Moe — July 5, 2005 @ 7:18 pm

  3. I’ve already said I find it hard to trust him because his results didn’t match reality. The thing to remember is that almost every pollster or person writing a question is going to have some opinion of what’s going on. They’re not zombies. The questions is how that translates into their work. Some biases can be good. They might lead a pollster to address an issue others might not even think of. I’m sure we’re all aware of the not so good biases. Some people can leave their bad biases at the door, others can’t. I’ve already said- When it comes to Zogby as a person, I agree with him. When it comes to Zogby as a pollster, I’m a bit more skeptical. What’s so clueless about that?

    Comment by tra la la — July 6, 2005 @ 6:48 am

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