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June 21, 2005

The Future, Conan?

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Our pals at The Onion have given us their special sci-fi June 22, 2056 edition. Nice parody of our dystopic days to come. I loved the Tonight on the Holovid section, and the title of the “robot law” op-ed made me spit coffee.

Posted by Jake on June 21, 2005 11:11 pm

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    Alternative Journalism: Julio Carreras discovered the misleading maneuver of the PP

    Periodistadigital, an average parasite, dedicated to clonar information (but only of liberal and facist newspapers), it today publishes (23 of June of 2005) this news:

    Aznar suspended in its informative management
    The parliamentary groups, except for the PP, they criticize its performance after 11-M
    The Commission of Investigation of 11-M closes east Wednesday with an evident conclusion for all the parliamentary groups except for the PP: the informative work del Government of Jose Maria Aznar after the attacks of Madrid was not the suitable one. They point so much the PSOE as CIU, ERC, IU, PNV and Mixed battalion, giving to understand each one, more or less clearly, that the information that was manipulated had the Government with respect to the authors of the attack.

    Chocolate by the news. Julio Carreras, a race journalist, it discovered the maneuver of the PP when not yet half of corpses of the terrible attack had retired, and the PP and all the average Spaniards already repeated to choir: “it has been a crime of the ETA”. The same Zapatero left to declare, on the following day, that “there were sufficient indications like adjudging the attack to the Basque separatist organization”.
    From a small Argentine province, Julio Carreras wrote same the 12 of March, to its numerous journalistic contacts in the world: “there is situated no the ETA… but To the Qaeda, in retaliation by the participation of the Spanish government in support to the North Americans in the invasion to Iraq “. How reached the Argentine journalist such conclusions? Simply through the data processing, obtained by Internet. By the way, she is a journalist who has 30 years of experience, and a anxious personal history - in addition to great talent which takes to him to obtain conclusions there intelligent where a normal journalist only sees numbers.
    By prudence, it hoped a day to present more publicly its conclusions; but, when the PP continued repeating in Spain - and the unanimous press alongside- Carreras published a demolishing article in Indymedia of the Basque Country, where data spread that rationally process could take to a single conclusion: it was not the ETA, and the PP, before the possible damage that this would cause in its electoral performance, it had devised this monstrous maneuver, manipulating vilely the data whereupon, also they (the who best one!) they counted.
    Quickly the information provided by the Argentinean Julio Carreras crossed the world, republicada one hundred times by also alternative newspapers, like the Bonfire and the Cow, of Argentina, Tricontinental, of Cuba, and almost all the Indymedia Spanish. Still today, his second part -”Misery of the information” - it continues being visited by hundreds of readers every day, since it has stayed as an example of effective journalism.
    This triumph of the alternative media, it throws the at least three most important data on the present informative reality of the world:
    a) Great investigation successes can be obtained resorting to the
    immense baggage of information that today provides Internet.
    b) the traditional press is lost completely its credibility, since from the 11 of September of 2001 towards here, it has not made another thing that to reveal publicly its absolute submission to the richest and powerful interests of.
    c) an intelligent journalist is more important today than gigantic equipment or elefantiásicas covers, in order to satisfy correctly to the public information.

    By the way, the mediocre journalists who indeed for that reason still remain in
    their lukewarm positions of the great chains, they omit to mention the informative profit of Carreras. But nobody delay of them this, anyway, for history, journalistically already they are dead.

    Anyone can see the news, in its original publication, where they remain until today:

    Comment by Nerio B. Stanuzzi — June 23, 2005 @ 4:10 am

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