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June 20, 2005


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I’m back, I’ll post a report about the AMC later.

But for now, what Ross said.

And then continued to say.

They’re a couple of dead-on and passionate posts against the ludicrous yet commonly-believed idea that men are unstoppable fucking machines and a woman who gets raped has only herself to blame for getting in the way of one of these forces of nature.

The highlight, in my opinion:

I want to go on record as saying a big, mean Fuck You to every single man who has ever claimed that men are incapable of stopping themselves when pussy is on the line. Here’s why:

I have never raped anyone. I have never hurt someone because they wouldn’t put out. I have never gang raped someone. I have never died from blue balls. I have never exploded because some sideboob accidentally came into my line of sight. I have never raped anyone. Shockingly, I also think this is a pretty normal state of affairs.

This isn’t something I’m proud of. That’s because I can’t be proud of not raping people anymore than I can be proud of not shitting on myself whenever I laugh. Not being a rapist is the default fucking setting. Far as I know, most men have never raped anyone. I assume this means that rapists are a minority of men, and in a normal world you’d think that not being an evil, violent monster would make one more sympathetic to the victims of rape, who are also not evil violent monsters…

Look, I know the majority of men, myself included, are raised in a horribly sexist culture that considers our cock-prerogatives to be of utmost cultural importance. We’re taught to look to the male perspective first, and it bleeds into everything. Sexism is a problem, and women should be ready to deal with it. But guess what dipshits - The answer to that problem isn’t to tell girls “Them’s the breaks. If you can’t handle it, fuck off!” The solution, for those of you not following me, is to fight the actual problem, which is sexism and male entitlement.

The second post goes on to more explicitly deal with our sexist culture where women are always on display, whether they like it or not. Yay for Ross for speaking out against sexism, like all men should.

Sexism is not a “women’s issue”, it’s a human issue. It hurts everyone (although obviously men get a lot of perks along with the hurt). We were all raised in these fucked up societies and all of us got these sexist ideas, concepts and behaviors dumped into our heads– men and women. We should all be actively helping each other get rid of these toxic ideas and practices for everyone’s benefit.

Posted by Jake on June 20, 2005 6:37 pm


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    I like that dude. I don’t think I encounter enough good guys in my day to day life….Tend to forget they’re out there.

    So, yay for good guys. :)

    Comment by Denise — June 21, 2005 @ 2:00 pm

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    There are many rights that have been stopped in their tracks due to the Patriot Act 1,2 and other Draconian “laws” that have been passed since 9-11.
    We must work to undo the damage done or America as we know will be no more!
    As Ben Franklin said:
    Gentlemen we must hang together or we shall surely hang separately!
    Here in the US we are preparing for the National ID card (REAL ID) and random stops with NO probable cause to make sure “your papers are in order” we ask ourselves where is the line in the sand?
    When will we say NO More?
    Are we such cowards we will not bring those to justice those within government that were INVOLVED in the events of 9-11?
    I pray not!
    Where do you stand?

    Comment by Michael Treis — June 22, 2005 @ 8:33 am

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