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May 27, 2005

Low Self Esteem

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Wow, last week a bunch of radio pirates in Akron, Ohio calling themselves “Radio Free Ohio” interrupted the broadcasts of Clear Channel-owned radio stations to complain about corporate radio.

… except that if you investigate the “pirates’” website you find out that it’s registered to Clear Channel.

Yeah, it’s a publicity stunt. No pirates, no revolt, just cynical “guerrilla” marketing. CC seems likely to be changing the formats of one of its Akron stations to a “rebel” or “indie” station– possibly like LA’s Clear Channel-owned “Indie” 103. CC maintains covert ownership of 103.1 FM, but puts all the station’s programming in the hands of Entravision Communications Corp. And it’s so edgy, with such “underground” DJs as Sex Pistol Steve Jones, Chili Pepper Dave Navarro, Henry Rollins and Rob Zombie. Finally, a station that takes on The Man and puts real live, internationally famous, white, male millionaires on the air!

(Lesson from 103: playing the Pixies gives you instant street cred)

Anyhow, the RFO website contained many a screed against other local radio stations, but since their outing as everyday corporate hacks, they’ve wiped the site pretty clean, with just a logo and an email addy (although they’ve been archived here). Apparently the “revolution” will be starting on May 31. Mark your calendars and make sure that your favorite Che t-shirt is clean.


Oh, for fuck’s sake!

The “revolution” is that a Clear Channel “sports talk” station will now become a “progressive talk” station.


(Fun fact: Clear Channel owns 86 radio stations in Ohio)

Clear Channel disses Clear Channel to promote Clear Channel. I’d say that this takes us through the looking glass, but this kind of weirdness seems to happen about every 10 minutes these days.

[via Stay Free! Daily and the boards]

Posted by Jake on May 27, 2005 9:53 pm

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    I read about that too, only i heard it was real :\ . It can only be too good to be truw anyhow.

    Comment by asad — May 28, 2005 @ 9:53 pm

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