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April 11, 2005

Abbott and Costello Meet Anubis, the God of Death

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For some years now, I have written blog entries that are a mish-mash of links to important news stories, and I give those entries titles like “News Stew” or “Cornucopia of News”, something with the word “news”, and a phrase that implies “large amount” or “variety.”

Those days are done, and now such posts will receive utterly absurd and whimsical names. Like the one above.

Livid Iraq Protesters Tell U.S. to Get Out- if you weren’t paying attention over the weekend, you may not have noticed that 300,000 Iraqis protested the US occupation in Baghdad. And since Iraq is roughly 1/11 the size of the US, this is analagous to 3+ million people protesting in Washington DC. Of course, you might have previously guessed that the Iraqis disliked the occupation what with the bombings and terrorism and guerrilla insurgency and such.

Appomattox- white southerner reflects upon the Confederate pride he witnessed while growing up, and takes a stab at explaining the phenomenon. Steve Gilliard picks up the ball and continues the analysis here.

Some Reflections on the Recent Papacy of JPII- theologian takes a fair and balanced crowbar to the revered image of the pope (link goes to fun foto). Say what you will about John Paul 2, his policies on sex and birth control are directly responsible for thousands of deaths.

We Told You So- after yet another government report finding that absolutely every word out of a government official’s mouth about Iraq was a complete lie, Rahul Mahajan says just about everything I could think of in response to all the assholes who derided and fought us anti-war folks. Mahajan is also good enough to point out that these lies were intentional and can be traced back to their sources, yet the report elected to ignore the fact that the Bush administration made all this shit up on purpose.

Now, for a block of rebellion news:

UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus

General Strike Against Coup Leaders in Nepal

Togo Youths Fight Cops Over Government Corruption

Washington University Students Continue Sit-In for Living Wage

[End rebel news]

I’m with Wolfowitz- while many liberals are up in arms about Bush’s decision to appoint neocon Paul Wolfowitz to the presidency of the World Bank, George Monbiot reminds us of the true goals and history. Frankly, the World Bank is a tool to break open and privatize the Third World for the benefit of Western investors. Wolfowitz will fit in just fine.

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