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March 13, 2005

Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

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I guess I can’t really be surprised that US forces held children prisoner in Iraq, but at this point it would take an American Mengele to shock me.

I don’t know if these children were innocent, or if they had in some way attacked American troops. The Americans working the prison don’t seem to know either, and don’t seem to care in the slightest. In at least one of the cases, it seemed that the kid was imprisoned as a way to pressure the kid’s father. I’m sure that that’s in the rules of war somewhere, that kids are fair game as long as their parents might possibly have done something bad.

But at least none of those kids were abused, says the Pentagon. After printing this claim, the article above then cites one case where soldiers sexually assaulted a teenage girl, and another bizarre case where soldiers apparently smeared cold mud all over a teenage boy and made his father watch the son shiver as a means of extorting information from the father. But I’m sure that these were the only acts of soldiers abusing innocent child prisoners in all of Iraq. After all, the abuse at Abu Ghraib turned out to be solely the work of Lyndie England, didn’t it? Didn’t it?

Let’s up your outrage-o-stat with this link of declassified documents about torture obtained by the ACLU.

I really don’t understand my fellow Americans on this one. We claim to hold sacred principles like liberty and justice. And while I understand that many Americans buy into the idea that the war in Iraq was supposed to protect us from terrorism, how many of your sacred principles do you want to stomp on for your own safety? Cuz I’m willing to risk a little of my own security in exchange for not putting innocent children in prison. Not that I actually believe that an Iraqi kiddie jail is going to make me safer, but I think you get the idea. At what point do Americans say “I’d rather risk a terrorist attack than have that done in my name”?

But let’s end this with an absolutely astounding quote that the American head of Iraqi jails claims that “the second most senior army general in Iraq” said to her:

“I don’t care if we’re holding 15,000 innocent civilians. We’re winning the war.”

Posted by Jake on March 13, 2005 10:16 am

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    Must surpress anger… Knew about this but not the quote of 15K and the memo about not letting anyone out including innocents.

    Comment by Brian/Buddy — March 13, 2005 @ 2:32 pm

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