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February 12, 2005

The Ward Churchill Experience

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So who here has actually read the dreaded Ward Churchill essay?

It’s right here.

It’s quite the scandal, despite the fact that it was written more than three years ago, as a “gut reaction” to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Churchill was going to speak at a small east coast university when conservatives suddenly found a passage in one of his old essays that they could take out of context and use to once again tar everyone left of Bob Dole.

The intentional misreading is that Churchill said that all of the victims of the attack on the World Trade Centers were “little Eichmanns”, like Nazi Adolf Eichmann.

A loose-yet-contextual reading could be “stockbrokers are evil”, a statement that probably not too many folks would get upset about.

But the most exact reading would be “just as many Germans had to plan the mundane logistics necessary for the Holocaust to take place, many of the ‘technocratic’ workers in the World Trade Center have to plan the mundane details necessary for American corporate and military carnage to take place.”

It makes me think of the post I made lately about WR Grace. A real person had to draw up train schedules to transport Jews to Auschwitz. A real person had to sign purchase orders for fresh cannisters of Zyklon-B for the gas chambers. A real employee of WR Grace had to fabricate reports and lie to the cancer-stricken citizens of Libby. And just as these villains played out their mundane treachery, so did capitalists in the WTC, building lucrative ties with brutal dictators and such.

Now, nutjob conservatives are pushing to have Churchill fired from his professorship at the University of Colorado, and even a few wanting him tried for treason. Whether you agree with him or not, this is an odd freedom of speech issue. His First Amendment rights aren’t being violated, but people are looking to hurt him as possible for what he’s said. Even stranger, Churchill isn’t even being punished for what he said, but for what scummy conservatives have said that he said. I guess I feel that Churchill should have freedom of speech, even for things that he didn’t actually say? Something like that.

No idea if it’ll have even a tiny impact, but there is an online petition supporting Churchill’s right to free speech here.

Posted by Jake on February 12, 2005 1:15 am


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    I am a conservative in most aspects and I was appauled to hear Churchill’s comments. Despite that, I disagree with any legal action against him. I personally think everyone should shun him and basically just give him the cold shoulder. I do disagree with your comment about what he actually said. The “Eichmanns” refer to those who sent the Jews and others to the Holocaust. Those people were Nazis. Hense, “little Eichmanns” translates to “little Nazis.” That is a term I would not use lightly by any means. To call Bush or any American a “Nazi” is insane. The only close comparison to what took place then is the current Nazi Muslims in the Middle East. So I fully agree with you that some are out of line to take legal action on him, especially when it comes to treason; he has taken no actual action to harm Americans severely outside of his speech. I do support him in losing his job at the University of Colorade, but not because of what he said. The students there are paying a lot of money to get a good education, and Churchill is not giving them that. He has been lying out of his teeth for years. He heads up the Native American studies group, and he isn’t even Native American. He paints a merror copy of another painting and trys to deny it. Ever since he started, he has been making false statements about history. When one reads a story, looks at a piece of art, or listens to a piece of music, it can be interpreted in numerous ways. The truth about history is it only happened one way. So I feel Churchill should be removed from his teaching position in order to put someone who will give the students an education they are truely seeking and deserve.

    Overall, I am not angry with Churchill. There are many crazy people out there with crazy ideas. What really sickens me is people such as yourself who SUPPORT him. I really wonder what goes on in your head when you wake up. When i wake up and look in the mirror, I am proud to be an American with the freedeom I have. This country and our government is truely awesome. We are able to persue our dreams and goals unlike anyothers in the world. Are you not proud of that? Would you rather be living in a communist nation where the government controls every move you make? Although no one will agree with every decision our government makes, we need to support the overall goal of our country.

    Comment by Chris Wellens — March 1, 2005 @ 7:34 pm

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    If you can get past your close mindedness and what you think happened, and the fact that you think it’s ok that husbands, wives and children burned to death that day, maybe you could see that Churchill also tried to pass off someone else’s work off as his own and that is wrong. THAT is what they want him fired for. He plagerized someone else’s work.

    But hey, maybe if you are married with kids, I hope your kids (especially if they become stock brokers) burn to death and your wife dies from burns sustained from burning jet fuel at the hands of a fanatic.

    Yay freedom of speech.

    Now I sounded almost as stupid as you.

    Comment by Jennifer — June 15, 2006 @ 9:01 am

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    The left is out there screeching about Anne Coulter and trying to get her book banned because she made some stupid comments. They are acting like book burning Nazis and are against her freedom of speech (as tasteless as it might be)

    In the meantime they are going out of there way trying to protect Churchill who made equally tasteless comments and screaming freedom of speech.

    So aren’t you the hypocrite?

    And an idiot to boot!

    Comment by Open minded — June 15, 2006 @ 10:16 am

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