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January 22, 2005

King Me

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Jon Stewart hit the good news right on the head: the George W. Bush presidency is now officially more than halfway over.

Believe me, by the time Bush is done invading Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Cuba, privatizing social security, passing Patriot Acts 3-7, and declaring Jesus Christ our One True Lord and Savior, we’ll be looking for the tiniest silver lining, now matter how tarnished.

Although they didn’t get much news coverage, I was very proud of the widespread and the more militant protests that got about zero coverage in the mainstream media. The whole world was sympathetic to the average American during the first W administration, acknowledging that we hadn’t really elected him, or that if we had, that he’d lied about who he was in the campaign. Now that he’s really been elected (well, okay, “allegedly been elected”), after Americans had a chance to see the idiot wolf behind the star-spangled sheep’s gear, I fear the rest of the world is willing to say “okay then. It’s on!” I was hoping that angry, riotous protest was going to break out, so that folks in other countries could turn on their TVs and say “okay, I guess not all Americans like Bush,” and moderate their new hostility. I kinda doubt that it turned out that way.

Reading Bush’s inauguration speech makes my head hurt. It’s like you put a US history book in a blender, fed it to a monkey, and then smeared its feces on a teleprompter. It reads like a drunken war whoop written by Thomas Jefferson to inspire Conan the Barbarian. In short, Bush pledges that the way to make America safe is to defeat evil (and/or tyranny) everywhere in the world. Not that we’re doing it for our own sake, of course, we’re doing it cuz it’s the right thing to do.

Tyranny is the new terrorism, which was the new communism (which was, I believe, the new “get em, they’re foreigners!”). Tres convenient.

Of course, all this would be great, if the US had the resources, manpower, support of the rest of the world, and if Bush’s every spoken word wasn’t a total lie. US foreign policy has always been, and will continue to be, “do as we say.” If the foreign government in question happens to be a democracy, great. If they happen to be a tyranny, great. If they happen to be a tyranny that pretends to be a democracy, well hot damn!

This is not to bash the US too badly, this is just how governments are. They are amoral institutions who’s main tools are the threat of war and the threat of prison. No matter where you live, if you think that your government is “good”, you’re probably being suckered. All nations have committed their share of crimes, and should be judged accordingly. Let’s just say that if put on trial, Uncle Sam would be mighty sad that he’d supported the death penalty all these years.

And of course, what Bush speech would be complete without mentioning his main man, G-O-D? David Neiwert points us to this op-ed, which analyzes the frequency and character of past presidents’ religious rhetoric. They find that not only does Bush invoke his own personal Almighty more frequently than his predecssors, but that he does so in a different way:

Presidents since Roosevelt have commonly spoken as petitioners of God, seeking blessing, favor and guidance. This president positions himself as a prophet, issuing declarations of divine desires for the nation and world.

If Bush is portraying himself as the spokesman of God, can’t we just nail him to something and be done with it?

Posted by Jake on January 22, 2005 5:27 pm


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    Excellent analysis! I’m still rummaging around
    the web and cranking things through Altavista,
    but I got curious about what other world leaders
    (say those of England, Germany, France, Italy)
    say in their inaugural speeches. I will be
    astonished if, with the exception of Blair, there
    is much emphasis on militarily clodding about in the rest
    of the world.

    Comment by Grace Nearing — January 23, 2005 @ 2:27 am

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    How long before OPEC switches from Dollar to Euro?
    Take a look at:
    More wars are inevitable.

    See also:
    article 468 - The New Cold War.
    In fact, a google search on “peak oil” reveals a mine of data.

    It’s time for another way.

    Comment by Gareth, UK — January 24, 2005 @ 5:06 am

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    So what if he says Jesus is Lord, you dont have to follow him. Once again you get in office and see how u do with your journalism degree. The man is not perfect, but he does have the general publics welfare in his mind and is planning for freedom, even though some things look like he doesn’t. Try and see were we would be without morals, standards, or other things (some programs need to be terminated). The media takes away these things form us and just construes it to what ever political party is paying them more. Freedom does cost something and we still have it. Stop trying to take away one man’s freedom of speech because it doesnt agree with yours. even now i can’t tell u to shut up or anything else, but i can say that you are no better, and really are just going against the U.S. gov’t and the constitution written 200sum years ago. Everyone interprets different. theres the prob. you either conform to the standard written in the law or you are against it. the media needs this message real bad.

    Comment by lauerisnothate — January 29, 2005 @ 1:46 am

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    I hate to say it, but America needs to step out of the political box if we want to make any progress these next couple of years. It almost seems as if no one wants to hear you out at first, but they want to find out if you are a democrat or a republican. They then begin to bash all ideals for which ever party you favor whether you support it or not. Throw away the labels and get straight to the point. No misappropriation of attention due to being labeled a “democrat” or “republican”. How about “American”. Honestly, speaking as an American, Bush is lying to all of us. Kerry is no better fit for the job. The burdern of any social securities will be handed to us so that when it all falls apart, the only person to be blames is us.

    Comment by Primus — January 29, 2005 @ 11:31 pm

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