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December 19, 2004

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I originally started this blog out of the frustrations that came from my more conventional journalism. After writing dozens of careful analyses determining whether or not Monsanto Corp., or Bill Clinton, or Saddam Hussein were lying or telling the truth, you just get tired of it. You want to say “well of course they’re lying! They always lie!”

Or, as I’ve said before, this blog exists as a place for me to call a motherfucker a motherfucker.

It is in this spirit that I say: the whole “fix Social Security” thing is just a scam to put your tax dollars into the hands of stockbrokers and investment firms.

I could go get you a hundred links and do a detailed breakdown of why the Republican plan will not accomplish their stated goals and whatnot, but I don’t even feel the need. Conservatives have been lying about Social Security’s impending doom for years, when really it just needs a few relatively minor adjustments to maintain. This is a naked and transparent attempt to skim off the top.

Posted by Jake on December 19, 2004 11:05 am


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    Please help the Dems stand up against the Repubs’ intended destruction of Social Security. They have the votes — but it’s total LIES that provides the ‘cover’ for their efforts to ‘fix’ the Social Security system.

    Dems must help Americans recognize that SOCIAL SECURITY IS NOT BROKEN. That the protections developed for our grandfathers are especially needed today — when INCREASING NUMBERS OF PEOPLE HAVE NO RETIREMENT AND NO HEALTH INSURANCE if they were to stop working. (At Home Depot, my husband is one of many who has only his company’s complicated stock plan with which to ‘build retirement’; it does not yield a living wag, even as he invests a portion of his salary in Home Depot stock.)

    For a political update and statistics on Social Security, please see blogger Josh Marshall’s Talking Points:
    and Chris Bowers on MYDD.COM (quoted below)

    “Let’s fight back with frames that tell the truth and express our beliefs. Social Security has been, and still is, successful in its goal to keep seniors from starving in poverty. Social Security is a healthy program that is fully funded for the next fifty years, and even then it will only take small changes in revenue to keep it fully funded for several more decades. Any attempt to privatize Social Security is a right-wing power grab on behalf of wealthy investment firms that are lying in order to destroy a healthy and successful program. In countries where Social Security has been abolished, senior poverty is skyrocketing.”

    Comment by MS — December 20, 2004 @ 10:09 am

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    I’ll join your singing with the choir. (Where the hell did that phrase come from?) Why bother to document it? I’ve got the financial accumen of a snail and I can see the obvious problems with “privatizing” Social Security. And I have to agree, again, even with my poor money sense, that the people most likely to get money are the “money people” who will handle these “private” accounts. Just like those tax breaks that benefited “average” Americans — NOT! (geez, sorry for all the qualifying quotes. not something I usually do.)

    Comment by Paul — December 20, 2004 @ 6:16 pm

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