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December 21, 2004

Newsy Filling

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Spammers ordered to pay $1 billion- ha ha ha. Fuck you, spammers. No, seriously, fuck you guys. No, seriously, FUCK YOU GUYS!!

FBI Claims More Arab Prisoners Abused- so when you take a prisoner, shove a lit cigarette in his ear, beat him with a stick, punch him in the stomach, and then drop him on some barbed wire, is that torture? “Team America, Fuck Yeah.”

They Got Game- article about the video game industry. This industry doesn’t get that much coverage, as mainstream America seems to think that games are still something just for kids to play. This article claims that the average “gamer” is actually about 29 years old. It also says that video games “generate more revenue than Hollywood,” which is misleading (setting aside the fact that video games cost about $50 a piece). Games make more money than movies in the theater, but movies still pull in bank from rentals and DVD sales (not to mention related soundtracks, merchandising, and yes, video games based on the movies).

Media Crisis 2004- Danny Schecter, “the media dissector” summarizes a new report from the Committee for Excellence in Journalism. The most interesting points:

- as news outlets fight for audience, their companies focus even more on profits and less on quality journalism.
- most money being invested in news by its corporate owners is in ways to distribute the news, not research and report it.

Schecter also predicts an unprecendented year in media activism in 2005. I hear rumors that he might be right.

A brief history- The Economist looks at believers of The Rapture, and then looks broader at a range of current and historical apocalyptic ideologies. Very interesting stuff.

The Second Water War in Bolivia- “Five years ago the issue of water privatization exploded here when massive public protests forced out the California engineering giant, Bechtel. Within weeks of taking over the city’s public water company Bechtel hiked up rates by as much as 200%, far beyond what the city’s poor could afford to pay. Now a new Bolivian water revolt is underway 200 miles north in the city of El Alto, a growing urban sprawl that sits 14,000 feet above sea level and is populated by waves of impoverished families arriving from the economically desperate countryside. ”

Bush: I’ll Bring Peace to the Middle East- stop it, you’re killing me.

Eye-witness account of Glasgow Anti-War action- Weir Pumps Ltd. is a Scottish company that makes parts for Halliburton. Some Scottish anti-war activists decided that if they could hurt Weir economically for supporting Halliburton and the Iraq war, maybe the company would pull out. So last week, the activists chained themselves up and blocked the gates of the company.

Report: U.S. Rentals Unaffordable to Poor- to afford the average 2-bedroom apartment, a family needs to make about $15.37 an hour. The minimum wage is $5.15.

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